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You are, what you eat! If this is true then we all want to be nearer to Mother Nature.

The demand for more food forced farmers to use hybrid seeds, chemical fertilizers, and preservatives to meet the food needs of our society. As a result today we have a good amount of food, grains, and sugar products but India is ranking #1 in diabetic patients, most of our population is struggling with obesity, fertility, and lack of energy. The process of the green revolution has slightly pushed the genuine, raw, and ethenic desi millets out of our plates which are well known for our overall well-being. Nowadays, these millets are consumed like medicinal food as they are rich in fibre, minerals, and vitamins, and by default these are gluten-free.

7Millets brings these forgotten millets and grains to your kitchen. Cook them raw with minimum spices and include these millets in your family’s regular meal. We have partnered with farmers from Maharashtra, MP, and a few southern states of the country to ensure good quality and a continuous supply of raw millet.

If you need healthy desi Millets? 7Millets has all of them. You order online, on the phone, or on WhatsApp and our team will deliver it to your doorstep. If you don’t know the cooking then just visit our “Recipe” section or give us a call.

We assure you the best quality and a few ounces extra quantity (that’s how we Indian serve the food) in each basket so include 7Millets products in your regular meal and share your smile with our farmer brothers and sisters.

“We” The Farmers, We are 7Millets!

Awareness Of Millets

7 Millets – Values

We believe in the following values:

  • Quality: We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality millet products.
  • Sustainability: We source our millet from small, independent farmers who practice sustainable farming methods.
  • Affordability: Everyone deserves to have access to healthy food, and we are committed to making our millet products affordable and accessible to everyone.
  • Convenience: We offer free shipping on all orders over ₹500, and we also offer a variety of payment options, including cash on delivery, credit card, and debit card.
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