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Millets are small grains, naturally grown in Indian farms. Millets are known for their rich contents of fibers, proteins, and minerals. All millets are gluten-free and highly beneficial in sugar level management as well as weight management. Some variety of regular grains like wheat & rice may be produced through hybridization. Wheat and rice has a high carb, gluten, and starch which is recommended to be avoided by people who are sensitive to gluten as well as to sugar intake.

Due to recent changes in our food habits, we have started consuming more wheat, white rice, and sugar. The sugarcane, wheat, and rice crops need lots of water which is pumped relentlessly by farmers to meet our food demands. This entire process adversely affected the ground water table across India and a scarcity of drinkable water arises. Contrary, millet crops consume very little water (<10% of that needed for a regular crop) this makes millets a very eco-friendly crop for us. You can buy our premium quality, raw, cleaned millets and black rice from Amazon & BigBasket .

We recommend and supply unpolished millets for human consumption through Amazon, Flipkart & Stores. Millets taste good like our normal cooked rice. With millets, you can prepare any normal dish like Pongal, Pulao, Idli, or Dosa which is typically prepared with rice. On 7Millets.com we are regularly updating the millets recipes which you can refer and you can contribute your own recipes on this site also.

Millets are very easy to cook. Ideally, millets must be washed & soaked in water before cooking. Soaking millets in water will enhance their nutritional values. Millets cooking in a pressure cooker are not recommended as nutrients may vanish with the steam. Soaked millets easily cook in a normal pots as well.

Cooking millets is very easy! First of all, wash the millets with fresh water and then soak them in water for a minimum of an hour. This will enrich the millet’s nutritional properties. After soaking millets you can boil them in a pot or in a cooker. With cooked millets, you can prepare Upama, Pongal, Khichadi, etc or you can simply eat it with your favorite salad. You can refer to tasty millets Recipes on the 7Millets site.

It is always recommended to eat one millet per day and not to mix them to get the best benefits out of it. Even though you can prepare many recipes with millets for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner but many prefer to eat it in the evening to cut the white rice consumption.

Compared to wheat & rice, millets production in India is very limited. The business model of Kirana stores is more circulation & profit oriented so they do not prefer to keep the products where they have to build awareness.

Considering these challenges, 7Millets has started supplying premium quality millets via the 7Millets.com site as well as through Amazon & Bigbasket. Based on our customer’s demand recently we have started keeping 7Millets products in premium food stores & gourmet shops in Pune & Nashik as well. You can check our store locator to find a store in your area where you will get 7Millets products.

Like other grains and rice varieties, there are differences in millets grades also. We see questions & comments on social media asked by many consumers confused about the millet’s colors, smell, sizes & quality. Broadly there are two types of millet grains available in the market. First is polished millets which are known as Bhagar. In the polished millets, the outer shell is removed and only the internal white color portion is sold for our consumption.

In unpolished millets, you can see the colored outer shell of the millet and regular users can easily differentiate the variety of millets as well. We at 7Millets supply only the raw & unpolished millets through Amazon & BigBasket. The outer shell of the millet grain is full of fiber contents that support our digestive system.

Definitely Yes! More than anything, it is a powerhouse of fiber, protein, iron, and other minerals, making it a perfect diet for kids and aged people too. Still, in the rural part of Maharashtra & the Southern states of India, it is the staple food and a much-preferred substitute for rice.

For a kid’s diet, you can use all millets based on seasons along with other healthy food, dairy & fruits. Millets are energy-dense grains, so it’s always recommended for active kids. Try millets Dosa, Idali from our Recipes section, we are sure your kids will love it!

As like other grains millets are normal grains and can be used for a year if stored in good & dry condition. At 7Millets we supply all raw & unpolished and cleaned millets through Amazon & BigBasket. We do recommend our customers to use the millets as quickly as possible to avoid wastage. The open packet can be stored in cool & dry conditions in an airtight container for later consumption.

The raw & unpolished millets may go bad and get bugs if kept open for long. The bugs attract towards millets due to the fiber shell of it and it is a good sign from a food quality point of view. Finish your millets!

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